If you've stumbled upon this page and you are a regular visitor to Hatteras Island, you might start to put together - entirely on your own and because you are brilliant - that we, Indian Town Gallery, have changed our name. As we have moved out of our Indiantown Shores location, we feel that we must also leave that moniker behind. Outside of the neighborhood context, the name Indian Town Gallery is a little confusing to people who don't already know us. Maybe you'd never thought of this, but we used to get lots of shoppers stopping in looking for Native American art, only to leave disappointed because we have very little of that. So, as we are moving to a very different kind of location (and because we hate to disappoint customers!), we are beginning again under a very different name.

We had hoped to be in the spot pictured below last May, but here, at the end of 2018, we have still not moved in due to construction issues. So, rather than letting our hope die, we're still aiming to be open in this new location sometime in the spring of 2019.

‘Til then, we are happily and gratefully located in Frisco in the showroom of Third Stone Graphics, a screen printing studio that’s just across the street from The Scotch Bonnet - you know, the place with the amazing fudge. Hm, trouble. ;) We opened here on August 10 of this year, and have really loved sharing this space with these folks! It’s so great to be surrounded by others doing creative work. PLUS, they have FOUR golden retrievers that they bring to work with them every day. The cats have new friends (sort of), and we are happily distracted by their antics throughout the day.

So, until you make it back to the island for your next getaway, check in here from time to time and enjoy the hilarity of watching us try to build our own website. It's been challenging so far, to say the least. :) Otherwise, please know that we love and appreciate you, and absolutely can not wait to reconnect with you in our new location, whenever and wherever that may be! <3


This is our Future.

More to the point, this is the space we are moving into. What village is this in? Stay tuned to find out!

Third Stone black borders.jpg

Third Stone Graphics

Our kind shop hosts since August 2018