Until we can make a proper page worthy of the TINY Art Show (which, may never happen), why not take a look at some of the TINY Art Show submissions from the past 3 years. They're great! The show is an annual scholarship fundraiser, and you can read more about that at the links below too. :)

TINY Art Show 2018

“Chickadee, Facing East” by Laura Mitchell


TINY Art Show 2017

"Frisco Pier" by Anne Marie Welsh


TINY Art Show 2016

"Allergies" - A. Trueblood


TINY Art Show 2015 Part 1

"If You Believe They Put A Man On The Moon" by Douglas Hoover


TINY Art Show 2015 Part 2

"Bunny Boo Boo" by Edith Camp

Images from our first ever TINY Art Show in 2013 are few and far between. But if we find some, we will add them! ;)